Activities for schools

Educational programme

The Can Papiol Romantic Museum’s educational programme is aimed at all levels of schooling: Infants, Primary and Secondary. More specialised visits dealing with the building and its history are available for students at other levels.

Educational activities

Educational activities are designed in line with the curriculum for each school year, with explanations adapted to the age of the pupils. They are based on interactive dialogue to help pupils to understand and make their visit more informative.


Visits for infant and primary school pupils may include a workshop based on craft work and other entertaining activities. For secondary pupils we also offer visits which focus on specific aspects of the house and its time, such as sources of energy, meals and cooking, providing a more thematic approach to the collection.

Teaching material

To provide additional support for teachers we can provide dossiers containing material for class work before or after pupils visit the Museum.

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Activities for schools

Activities programmed for the 2016-2017 school year


You can download details of the programme for schools from:

Programme of activities for schools 2016-17