A trip to the past

Can Papiol is a house-museum that evokes the daily life of a wealthy 19th century family through the ambiance of its rooms, which are decorated with original furniture and ornaments of their period. It was inaugurated as a museum in 1961.

The house preserves its original structure, distribution and decor. The most sumptuous part of the house is the main floor: its’ rooms preserve the richness of the refined taste of the 19th century, with furniture and decorative accessories in the styles of Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Isabella II and Ferdinand VII; the walls are decorated with paintings showing biblical scenes. Among the most interesting and luxurious rooms are the music room, the billiard room and the large ballroom, where the family welcomed their friends and guests and where social and literary gatherings, as well as musical evenings, were held. The tour resumes through the rooms of the servants, the ones destined to domestic chores and through the farming area, at ground level.

Come to the museum and discover life in the 19th century!